Thoughts of an Anomaly
Thoughts of an Anomaly
Well, I'm the loudest wallflower you'll ever meet. Welcome to my mind.
I miss your smile…but I miss mine more. Laurel House (via storystormer)
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Don’t flirt with me, don’t make me feel like I mean something to you, don’t make me feel safe and happy, don’t let me think you like me, don’t let me think I have a chance, don’t let me fall in love with you, if it’s all just a game in your world. (via clubheartbreak)
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Do not kiss your lover
after he’s shattered your soul,

or text him back
right away,
when he wants to be friends.

You do not have to do anything
that anyone thinks you should,

and you do not have to pretend that you’re okay
when you’re not,
no one expects you to be.

So do not tell him that he broke your heart,
he knows.
and chances are he does not care

and will not care
when you call him
drunk and sobbing,

it will only get you pity
and you never needed that from him.

Do not think
that sleeping with someone else
will make your heart whole again,
it will not.

And no one is going to swoop in and save you,
so don’t think you can’t eat that whole pint of ice cream
because you’re worried what people will think of you for it.

You were never not good enough for him
so don’t set your standards lower
and don’t hate yourself
a little bit more because of him.

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